herbal treatments chandigarh
Herbal ayurvedic supplements:
Reduce Cholesterol & Triglyceride’s,   Liver detoxification & Kidney cleansing,     Pancreas tonification for Diabetics,   Acidity,
Menstrual/ Hormone, Heavy/ painful periods,    Eczema,     Excess heat in body ,    Knee pain & Arthritis,    Constipation,    Tiredness,
Stop hair fall.    Male and Female Libido enhancer's (Indian Viagra),
Imported/ Indian Aroma therapy & Massage oils:
 Menstrual / Hormone/ Periods,    Eczema,     Cervical,    Tension & StressArthritis & Joints pain oil     Frozen shoulder,   <<< made in UK
Breast message oil,       Penis massage oil.      Stop hair fall,      Arthritis & Joints pain oil      <<< Indian ayurveda herbal
herbal treatments chandigarh
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History :

The earliest recorded history of Traditional Chinese Medicine dates from 2700 BC and is found in the ‘Huang Di Nei Jing’ – the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. This text lays out the philosophical foundations upon which all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine are based. The practices and techniques used in treating disorders are the result of thousands of years of research and observation following the laws of empirical analysis. These practices and techniques continue to be developed – which is why Traditional Chinese Medicine is now widely recognized as a highly effective form of alternative healthcare.

Philosophy :
Yin and Yang - Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to maintain and correct the ‘dynamic balance’ of the body. Central to this is the principal of Yin and Yang, which represents the opposing elements that exist in all aspects of the universe. If Yin and Yang are in balance there is health. But if there is too much of either it creates an imbalance and causes disease by obstructing the flow of Qi (pronounced ‘chee’ and meaning energy) throughout the body.

The Five Elements :
The interaction of the five elements – water, wood, earth, fire and metal – is equally important to the maintenance of ‘dynamic balance’. All life, indeed all matter is made up of these elements, and each organ in the body corresponds to a different one. Should any element become predominant the flow of Qi will be stopped and ill health will occur.

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